photography + words  by MAHESH Haris

erhaps, due to the way we'v been forced to percept some plants as a threat to our own existance, the powerful chemical attacks to destroy them often goes unnoticed.   


Here, an attack on one such invasive noxious weed, commonly known as Scotch thistles (Onopordum acanthium), carried out in the shire of Wittlesea, Victoria hasnt been considered as any sigificance of importance to the masses of mainstream media or not seemed worthy of a tweet to the social media. Therefore according to my knowledge this genocide had been never captured this way before.



Everybody seemed to have wanted them dead, farmers exaggerated their thorns, acadamics blamed them for our own failiures, scientists labelled them as terrorists, councils found a valid justification for an attack  while the industry profited by providing the ingredients for the deadly chemical cocktail.

by publishing these i hope at least one may be able to take a second glance of what may not have caught their eye.

to ask the questions that begs to be answered

Do we have to  eradicate them with such venengance

or to wonder that are we unknowingly murdering our own existance when we murder anothers right of existance ? 

Are humans so smart as we think we are when all we are good at is to destroy every thing that outsmarts us. 

 Photography, © by Mahesh Haris ,2015


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